In driving school lahore learn to drive all vehicles ?

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A few years ago, future drivers could expect to pass the exams required to obtain a licence without attending a driving school lahore. But in November 2013, amendments were made to the Pakistani Road safety law .

Now one of the requirements for admission to the exam is documented professional training in a driving school. Therefore, it will not be possible to do without training in 2023 – but there are other ways to simplify the process of obtaining a driver’s licence.

Is it possible to pass on the rights without a driving school

Despite the fact that a future driver will not be able to do without training in a Driving school lahore  there is an alternative way to obtain a certificate of professional training. If a person does not have the opportunity or desire to attend regular courses or even an evening group, he can enrol in online studies. 

Before starting training at a car school, you should know that only the theoretical part can be learned in this way. You will still have to pass the practice by attending driving lessons at a driving school. It is also worth finding out in advance whether this educational institution provides online lessons. Taking online training and learning to drive at the same Driving school lahore can be more convenient than looking for additional courses.

If, for some reason, the instructor or the schedule of classes does not suit the chosen driving school of the future driver, he has the opportunity to contact a private driving teacher. The legislation does not prohibit such training in the practical part, if such a driving instructor has a special certificate.

But this study has a certain disadvantage. In a driving school, you can use during the lessons the brand of the vehicle on which the practical part of the exam in the traffic police will be taken. If you choose to work with a private tutor, you will not have this opportunity.

What is an external and is it possible in 2023?

An external driver is given the opportunity to pass an exam after training, which the future driver passes on his own, at a convenient time for him. However, as a result of this self-learning, the level of knowledge of drivers’ licence applicants remained low and the number of road accidents increased.

Therefore, the opportunity to pass on the right externally was removed in 2013, and now training in a driving school is a prerequisite for admission to the exam. Moreover, even for those drivers who already have one open category, and you just need to get a new one.

Requirements for admission to the exam for rights

The first requirement for a beginner who is just about to pass on the rights is the availability of a document confirming the completion of professional training. Moreover, the certificate is obligatory even for people who have already received rights, but open a new category.

If a novice driver has lost a driving school graduation certificate, he can contact the educational institution where he received such a document and ask for it to be restored. You can try recovery with the help of the traffic police unit, where students were registered.

Another important condition, without which it will not be possible to pass on the rights, is a medical certificate confirming that the candidate has passed all the necessary doctors. First of all, these are specialists of the psycho-neurological and neurological dispensary.

The list of other doctors depends on the category of rights. For drivers of passenger cars and motorcycles, it is enough to additionally go through only a therapist and an ophthalmologist. If category “C” or “D” opens, the list is supplemented by a neurologist and an otolaryngologist, and an EEG is added to the necessary studies.

The next, third condition for a driver’s licence applicant is to reach the age of 18. Although it is possible to get a driver’s licence 1 year earlier. The training of 17-year-olds is no different from that of other novice drivers.

Among the differences is the need for one of the parents to conclude an agreement, indicating that their child will be the client. In addition, before taking the exam, the candidate will need written consent from the representatives of the minor.

To obtain admission to the exam, the driver must have the following documents with him:

certificate of completion of a driving school (regular or online);Passport;

driver’s licence, if they have already been obtained before; medical certificate;

receipt confirming the payment of state duty.

In addition, a candidate for a driver’s licence should be confident in their knowledge of traffic rules, regulations for the admission of transport to operation, and the technical aspects of safe driving.

You should also know the factors that contribute to the occurrence of emergencies, the design of those elements of the car that affect safety, and being able to provide first aid. To pass the practical part of the exam, you will need the skills of starting off, turning on a limited width of the roadway, manoeuvring forward and reverse, braking and emergency stopping.


In order to get a driver’s licence, a future driver or a person who opens a new category must undergo training. Therefore, you will not be able to pass the exam for rights, even if you have good knowledge of the theory obtained on your own. But there is a choice between regular learning and online learning, which will save a little time and money. I also  work with a private instructor, independently choosing a suitable schedule – this will also provide some savings. But you still won’t be able to pass the exam at the traffic police for a driver’s licence without spending less than 2 months on it in 2023.also read Driving school lahore .


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